How can I add students to my School24 account?

Find out how to add one or more children to your School24 account.


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To add one or more children from the same school to your School24 account, please see the following steps:

1. Go to:

2. Click 'Log In | Register' in the top right corner

3. Enter your username and password

4. Click the 'Students' tab at the top of the portal home screen


6. Enter the new student’s details into the form

7. Click ‘Save Student’


The new student will now appear in your account.

If you would like to learn how to edit an existing student's class, click HERE.

Please note:

- If your child does not have any allergies, you may leave the 'Allergy' section blank

- If you do not know your child's class, you can select 'None' and update this later

- If your child does not have a student card or you do not know the number, you may leave 'Student Card' blank

- You may leave 'Counter Limit' blank if this section is not applicable

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